TriplePro and BAMMBOO unique proposition in the Dutch market

TriplePro and BAMMBOO unique proposition in the Dutch market
Jonard Rood

Groningen/Amsterdam, September 4, 2023 - TriplePro Online Marketing and BAMMBOO have announced that they will join forces as of mid-September 2023. This marks the start of a powerful new partnership in the Dutch product and marketing services market.

BAMMBOO, based in Amsterdam, is one of the first Growth Hacking agencies in Europe with over 8 years of experience and the supervision of over 150 client processes. TriplePro, with its headquarters in Groningen and 40 marketing specialists, has been an authority in the region for 16 years and has built a strong reputation, both locally and nationally, with SMEs.

Growing Need in the Marketplace

Both companies see a growing need for a combination between business, marketing strategy and a full-funnel approach. Many companies lack a strategic layer in their marketing efforts, which means that an effective translation from customer needs to product optimization is often lacking. This leaves precisely the real opportunities for growth, resulting in dissatisfaction.

"With this partnership, we are filling that gap. We combine BAMMBOO's strategic growth hacking expertise with TriplePro's full-funnel marketing services. A proposition that is currently scarce in the market. Indeed, many scale-ups and SMEs lack insight into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, experience a lack of expertise and struggle to achieve sustainable growth." adds Jonard Rood, co-owner of BAMMBOO.

All Expertise Under 1 Roof

"This partnership is the result of a year of intensive collaboration on various projects, including for international clients. The synergy between our companies is undeniable, and it is clear that there is a strong demand in the market for a combination of these unique qualities. Both companies share a passion for growth, innovation and entrepreneurship." says Sebastiaan Kremer, Partner manager at TriplePro.

Both companies focus their joint proposition on scale-ups offering SaaS solutions and service companies (SME+). "By joining our forces, we create a situation where companies no longer have to switch between agencies because from now on we have all disciplines regarding growth under one roof, thus offering a complete solution for companies that want to realize their growth ambitions." says Rood.

In this composition, Growth Hacking and marketing come together perfectly. The core of the collaboration revolves around alignment and optimization between proposition and customer needs. Using specially developed canvases, audits and strategic sessions, growth opportunities are defined. These are translated into a backlog of data-driven experiments across all phases of the funnel, from marketing to product. Project teams are custom-built and work in sprints to achieve the targeted growth objectives.

This literally brings Growth Hacking in the North one step closer. Groningen is the place to be because of its many start-ups and scale-ups. Nationally, this strong proposition adds a major player with a lot of expertise.

We are very excited and confident about this collaboration. "Our ultimate goal is to become the best full-service growth agency in the Netherlands," concludes Kremer.


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