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We help you and your team create an effective growth strategy for the next 3-6 months. Short term optimizations and long term sustainable growth.

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Looking for your Growth Accelerators

In many companies the growth potential is hardly used and the opportunities are there for the taking. Over the past 9 years we have helped more than 200 companies identify these opportunities and link them to concrete actions.

With our specially developed jumpstart we promise:

Grip on data


Team Creativity



Brainstorming session at the office

Growth Hacking

Our Jumpstart is the ideal start to realizing your growth ambitions

Ready Set Go!

This jumpstart is the start of successfully implementing Growth Hacking within your company. A new field that focuses on growth through a data-driven process of experimentation. Systematically exploring new growth opportunities, regardless of the part of the customer journey; from brand awareness through marketing to ambassadors through optimizing your product. Our team of Growth hackers and specialists will find for you the most cost-effective way to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Growth Model Canvas

The Jumpstart consists of a number of workshops based on our proprietary Growth Model Canvas™. This is a handy tool that helps to bring together valuable information and insights, from different angles of the company. We bring together proposition, customer journey and funnel, and look for growth opportunities and optimizations. The end result is a concrete plan of action and a clear briefing for all disciplines within your company.

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The trusted growth partner for 200+
innovative Start-ups, Scale-ups and Corporates


From data to action


Growth Audit

In an energetic kickoff, we take you and your team into the world of Growth Hacking. Our specialists will audit your existing marketing and performance data and look at the skillset of the team. Based on these insights, we will map out your goals, opportunities and challenges together in a 5-Bolt-Steps Strategy workshop.


Growth accelerators

Step 2 is all about mapping out your Buyer Personas and Customer Journeys using our Growth Model Canvas. We take a detailed look at all the touchpoints in the funnel for improvements. Qualitative research is essential in this phase. We interview a number of existing and/or potential customers for valuable and actionable insights regarding growth. Together we define your growth formula.


Plan of Action

We bring all insights together and based on your ambitions we determine what the next steps are for further growth. We focus on short-term improvements and long-term sustainable growth. You will receive a detailed plan for the next 3-6 months and an extensive backlog of your most promising experiments.

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"By adopting the Growth Model Canvas as a systematic digital marketing approach, we brought the business to the next level. This is a very good framework and also the growth leads are really professional. I certainly will recommend you in the future!"

Yong Qin Zeng | Innovation lead at Philips Healthworks, Shanghai

We promise you:

Grip on data, Overview, Team creativity, Focus and Ideas


Within 14 days, your team and you will be ready for growth!
  • Growth audit
    (data, people, content, channels, platforms, UX)
  • Intro to Growth Hacking(Kickoff session team)
  • Growth Model Canvas Workshop(overview, insights, ideas)
  • Growth OKRs
    (goals and priorities)
  • Growth Backlog
    (most promising experiments)
  • Plan of action for 3-6 mnd
    (low hanging fruit, sprint plan)
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